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Why we love what we do



Ezra Mizrachi, began his sales business opening a doughnut shop, Mother’s Doughnuts, in Miami, Florida in the early 80’s.  His older brother, Mayor, came to him with the idea to sell women’s clothing.  Enjoying the fashion side of sales, Ezra opened his own company.  In 1985 Marcel Fashions was formed to provide womens stylish, trendsetting, and affordable clothing.  Altering the name to the time, Ezra decided on the name of Get Lucky and added import/export to the business.  Manufacturing and providing wholesale clothes, Marcel Fashions/Get Lucky has been a trusted and respected wholesaler since that first sale in 1985.


Still managed by Ezra Mizrachi (and his extended family), Marcel Fashions dba Get Lucky can be found at numerous fashion exhibits around America; providing worldwide retailers the opportunity to purchase shirts (for every occasion), dresses, aprons, jeans, and more. 


Currently, customers may find several of Get Lucky’s unique designs in Las Vegas gift shops starting at the Las Vegas Airport, to the biggest casino-hotels in the world (Bellagio, MGM, Harrah's and more).



“We are always willing to listen to the ideas of our customers needs and strive in achieving the top quality, for long-lasting satisfaction from our products.”

-- Ezra Mizrachi


Marcel is the name of Ezra Mizrachi’s mother (אמא).

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